3 Ways To Control Gestational Diabetes

8 November 2017
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If you have high blood sugar levels during pregnancy and are at risk for developing gestational diabetes, or if you have already developed gestational diabetes, you will need to monitor and control your blood sugar levels throughout your pregnancy. The good news is that, for most women, gestational diabetes goes away soon after delivery. But your safety and the safety of your child depends on making choices that will lower your blood sugar levels. 

Diet and Lifestyle Changes 

The first approach your doctor will likely suggest if you have pre-diabetes or manageable diabetes is to change your diet and exercise regime. You may want to work with a nutritionist to develop a pregnancy meal plan that will provide the nutrients and calories you need while reducing your intake of carbohydrates and sugars. You may also want to work with a personal trainer to develop an exercise plan for you. You should attempt to get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day, even if it is only a brisk walk. 

Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Going to the chiropractor to control diabetes may sound strange at first. However, changes in the spine and upper back during pregnancy can reduce the efficiency of your nervous system, causing problems between your brain and your digestive system. Regular alignments may help increase your digestion and allow your body to regulate its sugar levels naturally. As an added bonus, pregnancy adjustments can allow more room for your baby to grow, keep your pelvis in the correct alignment for a vaginal birth, and reduce your general aches and pains associated with weight gain and loose joints. 


If lifestyle changes and chiropractic care do not work to control your gestational diabetes, you may need diabetes medication. You may be able to take an oral medication such as glyburide, or you may have to give yourself insulin injections throughout your pregnancy. Whichever medication your doctor prescribes, it is important that you regularly monitor your blood sugar levels and take the medication exactly as prescribed. As your pregnancy progresses, you may need to increase your dosage or add medication to your lifestyle changes and chiropractic care. 

While gestational diabetes can complicate your pregnancy, it is possible to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth while experiencing gestational diabetes. It is important to keep a strict diet and exercise routine, see how a chiropractor can help you with diabetic treatment, and discuss medications with your doctor.