Suffer From Back Pain At Night? Relay These Symptoms To Your Chiropractor

6 December 2017
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Even if your back doesn't bother you much during the day, you might notice the presence of back pain at night. Nighttime back pain has the potential to significantly disrupt your sleep, so it's important to seek the care of a health practitioner if you experience this issue. Rather than simply stating that your back is sore at night, it's ideal if you can relay as many specific symptoms as possible to your chiropractor. This information can help him or her to understand the nature of your pain, which can make the subsequent treatment plan more effective. Here are some symptoms that you might notice:

Pinching In Your Upper Back

When some people with back pain lie in bed, they experience a pinching sensation in their upper back, roughly between their shoulders. This can range from a dull pinch to a sharp one; the latter is especially common when you're moving. For example, if you try to roll over so that you can sleep on your side, you might feel a sharp pain in your upper back that makes it difficult to lift one or both shoulders off your mattress.

Aching In Your Lower Back

It's also common to feel an ache in your lower back, especially when you lie flat on your back. This type of back pain is problematic because not only can it prevent you from sleeping well in this position, but it can also compel you to move around to find temporary relief. The problem is that the new posture you adopt might not be healthy for your back, even if it feels comfortable at the time. For example, you might move into a curled-up position in which your spine is in an awkward position. This is especially a concern at nighttime, as you may remain in this position for hours.

Shooting Pain Through Your Hips

Another type of back pain that you might be experiencing is a shooting pain down into your hips. On the surface, you may suspect that this is hip pain, but it often comes from the inflammation of your sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back. When this nerve has problems, back, hip, and even leg pain can be prevalent — all of which can limit your ability to sleep. Upon describing these symptoms to your chiropractor, he or she will begin a spine assessment to determine your specific issues, which will then be addressed through adjustments.

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