2 Bad Daily Habits That Can Make Your Neck Pain Worse

20 September 2018
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Even if you have never been involved in an accident, you may find that your neck always seems to be stiff and painful. If so, you may want to take a look at some of your daily habits, as there are some that can contribute to your symptoms and make your neck pain worse. Holding Your Phone at an Angle If you spend a lot of time on the phone at work speaking with customers or enjoy chatting with friends in the evening, you may be holding your phone at a strange angle. Read More 

Massage? 6 Ways In Which This Type Of Therapy Can Benefit Seniors

20 June 2018
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Getting older is rarely fun, especially when doing so means experiencing more health and mobility issues. For many, the final decades of life may see a decline in health and be painful and uncomfortable, even with appropriate medical care. If someone you love is struggling with the effects of aging, massage therapy may be a way for them to see real improvement in their quality of life.  Improving circulation Aging often equals a reduction in healthy circulation, leaving some seniors to deal with reduced blood flow to their feet, hands, arms, and legs. Read More 

How To Know It Might Be Time To Visit The Chiropractor For Your Back Pain

10 April 2018
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Back pain is something that is experienced by many people, whether they know the cause of the pain or not. Your back pain may be the result of an accident, or you might have simply woken up one morning with your back out of sorts. Either way, you need to know whether it might be time to visit a chiropractor for the pain that you are experiencing in your back. Read More 

Tension Headaches: What To Do about the Vice-Like Pain in Your Forehead

23 March 2018
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If you suffer from vice-like pain in your forehead, find answers for your discomfort now. The pain in your forehead could be due to tension headaches. Tension headaches can be severe enough to prevent you from playing sports, carrying out your job duties, or sleeping comfortably at night. Here's more information about your vice-like pain and how you can relieve it now. How Do Tension Headaches Develop? Tension-type headaches usually show up when tension develops in your scalp or in the muscles of your neck. Read More 

See A Chiropractor To Deal With Scar Tissue From A Car Accident

26 February 2018
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Many people know the importance of visiting a chiropractor after being in a car accident. Whether you've suffered a whiplash injury or a concussion, or have experienced some other trauma to one or more of your body's joints, an assessment, and subsequent adjustments can get your body feeling good again. What you might not know is that chiropractors can also be adept at treating scar tissue that results from being in a car accident. Read More