5 Major Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustment: It’s About Time You Felt Better!

12 April 2017
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Living with chronic pain can stifle you in so many ways, from constantly feeling discouraged and overwhelmed to not wanting to eat right or exercise. If the chronic pain you're dealing with is related to your back, shoulders, knees or other bone-joint problems, consider finding the wellness you seek with the help of a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment is the third most common form of medicine in the United States, right behind physicians and dentists. Read More 

Three Ways That Using Your Phone Could Land You In Your Chiropractor’s Clinic

5 April 2017
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In an average day, you may use your phone for a variety of purposes more times than you can count. Whether you're talking on the phone for work or your personal life, or using any number of apps throughout the day, it's important to ensure that your phone habits aren't harmful to your health. Unfortunately, people can misuse their phones to the point that they develop injuries that require care. While your chiropractor is a good practitioner to turn to when you face such issues, a little preventative care when you're using your phone can limit your risk of developing pain that sends you to the chiropractor. Read More 

One Leg Shorter Than The Other? A Chiropractor Can Help

28 March 2017
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Having one leg that is shorter than the other is something that affects certain people. While some people are actually born with a shorter leg, many people have the appearance of a shorter leg because one side of their pelvis has rotated. Surgery isn't the only solution for this issue — you can also experience positive results by seeing a chiropractor and, in particular, one who specializes in treating patients with pelvic issues. Read More 

Three Ways To Practice Better Self-Care During A Difficult Time

15 March 2017
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When you're going through a difficult life event such as a divorce or the death of someone close to you, it's easy to neglect yourself and get lost in anguish and responsibilities. However, if you can manage to take just a few minutes a day out to practice good self-care, you'll be better equipped to handle the emotional demands during this trying period. Here are three ways to practice good self-care during a difficult time. Read More 

Veterans, You Can Get Assistance And Relief For Back Pain

7 March 2017
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Military service is stressful on the body. Whether you're going between combat operations and lots of downtime, dealing with cramped mechanical work for 12 hour shifts, or sitting at a monitoring console with the worst chair available to the US government, there are chronic pain and posture problems that are known to affect military service members. If you're looking for relief, cures, or long-term care for back pain that just won't quit, here are a few ways that a chiropractor and your veteran status can be used to your benefit. Read More