Three Ways To Practice Better Self-Care During A Difficult Time

15 March 2017
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When you're going through a difficult life event such as a divorce or the death of someone close to you, it's easy to neglect yourself and get lost in anguish and responsibilities. However, if you can manage to take just a few minutes a day out to practice good self-care, you'll be better equipped to handle the emotional demands during this trying period. Here are three ways to practice good self-care during a difficult time.

See the chiropractor.

Seeing the chiropractor may seem like an odd suggestion since you may not be suffering from any overt back pain. However, adjusting the spine does more than treat back injuries. It alleviates pressure on all of the nerves that run through your spine -- many of which play a role in controlling your hormone levels and emotions. With pressure off these nerves, you'll be better able to handle all that comes your way during this trying time. Chiropractic care also improves your immunity, so you don't end up dealing with a cold or the flu on top of everything else you have to handle. For more info, visit websites like


Clearing your mind may sound impossible when you have so much to worry about. But if you can manage to do so even for a few minutes, you'll feel so much more grounded. A good place to start -- if you're new to meditation -- is by searching for some guided meditation videos on a site like YouTube. Look at a few until you find one that you find relaxing and freeing. Don't worry if you don't exactly feel like you're relaxing and meditating the first few times you try. Just keep sitting down and trying to meditate at the same time each day, and eventually, your ability will improve. Burning a scented candle in the background may help.

Make better dietary choices.

When you're stressed out and worried, it's tempting to just reach for the first thing you see. This might be pizza or potato chips. However, if you can manage to eat healthier meals during this time, you'll feel much better. Your body will have the nutrients it needs to produce the hormones to keep your moods balanced. Your immune system will also function better, preventing you from becoming ill. Try preparing a lot of healthy meals on one day and storing them in the freezer to eat throughout the week. Stock up on cut-up fruit and veggies to snack on when you're feeling the munchies.