One Leg Shorter Than The Other? A Chiropractor Can Help

28 March 2017
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Having one leg that is shorter than the other is something that affects certain people. While some people are actually born with a shorter leg, many people have the appearance of a shorter leg because one side of their pelvis has rotated. Surgery isn't the only solution for this issue — you can also experience positive results by seeing a chiropractor and, in particular, one who specializes in treating patients with pelvic issues. You may have never identified that one leg appears shorter than the other due to pelvic tilting, but there are a number of simple ways to assess this issue. Here are some ways that you can determine whether this is a problem that you're facing.

Check Your Hips In The Mirror

A simple way to assess whether your pelvis is tilted or not is to stand in front of a full-length mirror without any clothing on. Pay attention to your hips — generally, you'll be able to see the point of each hip on each side of your body. Standing as straight and square as you can, try to notice whether the two points of your hips are equal. If your pelvis is tilted, you may be able to visibly discern that one of the points is higher than the other. If you're not sure, having a spouse perform this visual inspection on you can be helpful, too.

Note If Back Pain Is An Issue

People who have a tilted pelvis will also often experience pain in their lower back. While back pain can arise from a number of different causes, try to evaluate what you've been told by your family doctor or other health practitioners. For example, if you have good posture, get plenty of exercise, have low stress, and haven't had an acute injury, there's a higher probability that you won't experience back pain. If you meet these criteria but your back is inexplicably sore, it could be because of a tilted pelvis.

Assess Your Clothing

It might seem a bit strange to do, but another visual test you can perform to see if you have a tilted pelvis that is resulting in one leg appearing shorter than the other is to assess how your clothing sits on you. Stand in front of a mirror in a pair of pants and check how far the cuff sits off the floor. If one cuff is noticeably lower than the other, this may be a sign of your pelvis and leg issue. If you encounter these situations, it's best to call a chiropractor like Dimond Chiropractic Center for an official assessment.