Three Ways That Using Your Phone Could Land You In Your Chiropractor's Clinic

5 April 2017
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In an average day, you may use your phone for a variety of purposes more times than you can count. Whether you're talking on the phone for work or your personal life, or using any number of apps throughout the day, it's important to ensure that your phone habits aren't harmful to your health. Unfortunately, people can misuse their phones to the point that they develop injuries that require care. While your chiropractor is a good practitioner to turn to when you face such issues, a little preventative care when you're using your phone can limit your risk of developing pain that sends you to the chiropractor. Here are three bad habits that you may have.

Pinching The Phone With Your Shoulder

When you need your hands free during a phone conversation, it's common to tilt your neck so that you're pressing the phone between your ear and your shoulder. This behavior is perhaps more common with a traditional phone, but many people still do so with their cellphone. You might not experience immediate pain, but this habit can contribute to neck pain over time. When you kink your neck at a sharp angle, you may feel a pinching on one side of your neck and a stretch on the other, resulting in discomfort. Always try to hold the phone while you speak into it.

Looking Down For Long Intervals

People who frequently use the applications on their smartphone will often spend long periods of time looking down. Pushing your chin to your chest can strain your neck and upper back, and if you're in this position for a long time each day — perhaps while you're commuting to work on the bus or while you're waiting for a meeting to begin — you're likely to soon have a sore neck that requires chiropractic care. Avoid such a risk by keeping the phone held at a position in which you don't have to look down so dramatically.

Using The Phone In Low-Light Environments

Using your phone when the room is dark — for example, in bed before you fall asleep — can be bad for your posture, as well as strain your eyes to the point that you have a headache. If you repeat this habit, you may even find that you're waking up with a headache — and you may soon require the care of a chiropractor. Adjusting your device's settings so that the screen isn't so bright is important, as is keeping a bedside light on if you're using the device in bed.

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