Four Tips To Help Recovery After A Minor Car Accident

13 September 2017
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If you've been in a minor car accident, you might not immediately feel any effects. Sometimes soreness and aches don't come for a few days afterward. Even though these discomforts are not the same as major injuries, you don't have to just wait for them to go away. In fact, the soreness can sometimes get worse if you don't address it head on.

Here are some simple recovery tips to help you minimize pain after a minor car accident.

1. Get examined by a doctor even if you don't feel injured

You should get a clean bill of health from your doctor even if you walked away from an accident without a scratch. Some damage, like minor internal swelling, can lead to greater pain and injury later on. If you are examined early, you may be able to catch painful problems sooner. You'll also be able to pursue alternative therapies once you are sure there are no underlying injuries.

2. See a chiropractor

If you do have neck, shoulder, head, and back pain as a result of your accident, you should see a chiropractor. Many people see an increase in neck pain after even a fender bender, and you can have frequent headaches from joint misalignment and muscle tension. Car accidents that occur even at low speeds can cause subluxations in the spine that register as pain in many other areas of your body. 

Keep in mind that you may need several sessions with a chiropractor to gradually improve conditions like whiplash or shoulder problems from the seat belt. 

3. Get a massage

Massage helps to soothe out sore areas. The insurance problems and loss of your vehicle after an accident, as well as the increased financial trouble, can lead to a lot of stress, which in turn does not help your recovery. Massage helps to work the stress out of your muscles, and it helps to restore blood flow. Increased blood flow can speed healing. 

4. Keep moving

As long as it is safe and you are able, you should make an effort to stay active after an accident. Back and neck pain can get worse if you spend too much time lying down and resting. Movement helps to keep muscles and joints working and aligned, and it helps to keep your blood pumping. An active body will generally adapt better to therapy.

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