Two Ways To Ease Neck And Back Pain Properly

6 December 2018
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Over 30 million American adults suffer from some form of lower back pain today. Many of these people suffer from throbbing neck pain as well. If the pain in your neck and back is tremendous, you may look for healthier ways to alleviate it. Simply popping an aspirin and going about your day may not be the best way to handle your pain. Here are two ways to ease the pain in your neck and back properly.

Improve Your Vitamin D Intake

If you're not getting enough vitamin D in your diet, strive to do so now. Along with calcium and a few other nutrients, vitamin D strengthens every bone in your body, including the bones in your neck and back. According to sources like Medical News Today, vitamin D may also strengthen your muscles and connective tissues. Men and women who don't obtain the proper amount of vitamin D can experience a host of debilitating problems, including osteoporosis, muscle spasms, and inflammation. 

You can increase your vitamin D intake by eating more unprocessed dairy foods, such as goat milk and cheese. Also, add more fatty fish to your daily lunch or dinner menu. Salmon, cod, tuna, and sardines are great sources of vitamin D. Some adults consume mushrooms at mealtimes to help improve their vitamin D intake.

If you still feel neck and back pain after trying the different foods above, consider seeing a chiropractic specialist for further care.

Treat Your Pain Properly

Depending on the extent of your neck and back pain, changing your diet may not be enough to help you get through it. If the connective tissues, muscles, and nerves in your spine are obstructed or damaged, you'll require more advanced treatment to overcome these issues. Chiropractic treatment, such as manual adjustments, can help improve your condition over time.

A chiropractor may also go over your current diet to see if you need anything else besides vitamin D. Some adults can experience neck and back pain if they have arterial disease, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular conditions. Eating foods rich in vitamin A and E may help improve your cardiovascular system. A chiropractor may plan a special nutritional diet for you. However, not all chiropractors focus on diet and nutrition themselves. The specialists may also use outside sources like nutritionists to help their clients.

For more details about improving your neck and back pain, contact a chiropractic specialist today.